• For women and men
  • Restful yet fascinating

Enjoyable workshops related to colours, styles and fashion: discover what suits you and your colleagues best based on individual advice. These workshops are also suitable for men.


Style Types Workshop

“Which hairstyle suits my face best? Should I go for round or angular glasses? How do I hide a belly?”

Discover the answers to these questions during the interactive style workshop. You will find out more about what type of figure you have and the kind of clothing that best suits this. We also analyse your facial shape. Each participant will receive a personal style folder to take back with them.

Colour Types Workshop

“Which colours suit me? Am I a cool or warm colour type? Can I still wear black?”

We discuss these and all other questions about colour during the interactive colour workshop. After an introduction to the four colour types, we present various colour swatches to find out which colours suit you best. Each participant will receive a folder with personalised information.

"Me time" day

Pamper your employees with some ‘me’ time. One by one, your colleagues will visit Ellen, who sets up a stand in a room at your office. Each participant may choose from one of the following treatments: colour analysis (M/F), style analysis (M/F), scarf-knotting techniques (F), tie-knotting techniques (M), pressure point massage of hands or feet (M/F), make-up (F) or manicure (F). Each session lasts fifteen minutes.